Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Self Help for Anxiety Panic Attacks

That feeling when you first have one is such a horrible experience we don’t know what is happening to us which makes us feel even more anxiety because we panic and don’t understand what’s happening.
Some symptoms’ may include heart palpitations’, sweaty hands, a feeling that we want to run. Then once we experience this then we get scared about it happening again so then we end up in a viscous circle of being worried about having an anxiety attack and then when we do have one we hold on to it, or tense up and so it prolongs the anxiety attack even further. Till one day I said to myself is anxiety attacks going to control me or am I going to control anxiety attacks. When you have an anxiety attack just allow it to happen, don’t hold on to it. That is one of the reasons we feel light headed or dizzy when we have an anxiety attack is because we are breathing so fast there is to much oxygen in the brain. Go to emofree there is a wealth of information there for you to get started with this great technique.
Just remember Anxiety is not a physical condition it is an emotional condition and it’s a way for your body to tell you that your mind is not healthy. You DON’T need drugs to control anxiety only you can control Anxiety.
“Change happens not by making ourselves change but by realizing what’s not working”
Ayurveda As Alternative Anxiety Treatment
Whenever someone speaks of something like an alternative system of medicine, such as Ayurveda, most people think of the physical aspects of health. Problems that create the need for medical intervention, whether it come in the form of antihistamines or anxiety medication, are caused by imbalances of certain factors in the body. Practitioners, as stated above, believe that pain caused by violations of a person's sphere of self can cause anxiety – among other mental and mood conditions. It could be taking a walk or hitting a pillow, so long as it allows the patient to acknowledge, accept, and release the emotional build-up inside them.
Counteract Anxiety Attacks
Sometimes life is hard and can cause you to feel out of control. Things are going well for a while and then it seems like out of no where comes something hard and unexpected that throws you into an anxiety attack? I have had this experience all too many times in my adult life, but it wasn't until recently that I began to be aware of the symptoms before they hit so that I could counteract the anxiety attacks.
Anxiety attacks are brought on by many different things and can affect people in vastly different ways. There is no telling what will or will not cause an anxiety attack to occur. We can, however, learn our own bodies and responses so that we can be better prepared when anxiety attacks occur.
For me, anxiety attacks seem the most likely when I am dealing with health issues with myself or my family. My husband, on the other hand, takes health related issues in stride yet finds himself dealing with anxiety attacks over financial issues that threaten our family. I am so thankful that while anxiety attacks are a normal part of life, that not everyone deals with them the same or gets them at the same time. Can you even imagine a world like that?
I have learned myself pretty well over the years, so that now I know how to counteract anxiety attacks. I know that my anxiety attacks are made worse when I am forced to deal with them in front of people. Taking time regularly to exercise is one of the best methods of stress control and hence anxiety attack prevention for me. The more active I am, the less the little things seem to stress me out.
Figure out the things that cause anxiety attacks in you and look for good ways to counteract them. Your life will be a lot more manageable if you can learn to take things in stride and to not let small things lead to big anxiety attacks.

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